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Reading Glasses on Book
Reading Glasses on Book

"Natalie Wen is a bright light for Chinese readers throughout the world. Her new book, Loving the Present Moment, presents a comprehensive overview of The Work from a wealth of authentic, life-changing experiences. I encourage all those who seek freedom and peace of heart to immerse themselves in this powerful, illuminating book.”  –Byron Katie


嘉蘭是全球華人讀者的一盞明燈。在新作《愛上當下》中,她從大量真實的生命轉化的經驗中汲取精華,全面闡述了拜倫凱蒂功課的核心要旨。我鼓勵所有尋求自由與內心平安的人, 深入體驗這本深具力量與啟發性的創作。” ——拜倫·凱蒂




Loving the Present Moment

(副書名) 拜倫凱蒂功課完全解析與操作方法

A Comprehensive Overview and Operating Manual for The Work of Byron Katie



《愛上當下》 以及嘉蘭翻译拜伦凯的新书 A Mind at Home with Itself 《心安在家》 将会同时在 2023年5月出版。

It’s a joy to see that everything is unreal, without exception. This leaves you with a mind awake to its true nature, a mind at home with itself, at home in itself. Amazing grace!  - Byron Katie

–金刚经 Diamond Sutra

浩瀚无垠的心灵,在甚深真实义里相遇。超越时空,一场东方底蕴和西方剔透的优雅共舞。宇宙没有偶然,诸法无我,那说出来的正是说的本体,是你也是我,从深深的内在, 显化出来带领迷惑的心,瞥见始终如如不动的真相和爱。 - 嘉兰



















Most of us spend most of our time and energy in pursue of a happy life.


And yet not only life is full of uncertainty, but it also often frustrates us, and does not always happen to our satisfaction.  On top of all these, we see ourselves not being good enough. The internal voices like:  My life is far from being perfect.  I should do something to change all these. 

Does it sound familiar?

If there is a way that can bring you joy and peace, would you be open to it?


J. Krishnamurti, the well respected spiritual teacher in the 20th century said to his audience in 1970.


“Your daily contradiction, your daily battle, your daily irritations, anger, hatred, brutality.  And to see if all that can end, so that we can live quite a different kind of life,  a  life that is free, a life that doesn’t bring through action, misery, a life that is really, completely, totally peaceful.”


Our experiences show us that, yes, it is possible to live a life like that!


With our extensive experiences, we love to walk by your side,  whether through our mindfully designed courses or individual facilitation, and together bring the unsettling mind awake to its true nature, awakens at home with itself.


We invite you to join us, and open the door to your inner wisdom and peace!



心享光爱基金会在2019 年邀请嘉兰协导师所举办的一场公益活动,在这个活动中,她分享了什么是拜伦凯蒂功课,介绍并说明功课的流程,带领现场朋友们填写批评邻人作业单,并协导现场一位志愿者做功课。这位志愿者是第一次接触到功课,她在短短40分钟内,从生气不满,到破涕为笑,欢迎一起来体验。

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